TV Wall Mount & Cable Concealment

Create more space by positioning your TV in a prime location for optimal viewing. Cables concealed and adjusted. Improves safety, removing clutter and eliminating dust.
Variable brackets can be mounted, fixed, tilted, full motion. Any size TV can be mounted. with a neat slick finish.
Structured cabling and cable incasement, remove unwanted unpleasant cables from the exterior or interior of property.
Kable Kings - Saorview supply and installation
Kable Kings - Freesat supply and installation

Saorview & Freesat

Saorview is Ireland’s answer to free Irish TV & radio channels, conveniently installed for a once off payment. Soarview offers HD quality TV to replace the old analogue service. Multiple room installation available. Easily connected using outdoor/indoor antennae direct to your set top box or TV.

Expand your Saorview package with over 200 UK and international channels. Viewing categories include: Entertainment, kids, movies, music, travel, documentaries, sports. Satellite TV without the bills.

Soarview & Freesat services available separately or installed together for ultimate free TV viewing as the Combi Package.

We cater for all aspects of your home or business network. Talk to our engineers today to find a solution that works for you

Home Networking & WiFi Enhancement

Offering residential & SME solutions to improve high-speed connectivity throughout their property and beyond. Enhance the quality of WIFI range, office systems, streaming, gaming, eliminating those WIFI blackspots. 

Kable Kings - Home Networking and WiFi Solutions
Kable Kings - Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Invest in smart security for your home connecting your home to your device via IP cameras, no video recording hardware required.

Video Doorbells, answer the door and check in on your home at anytime from anywhere. Whether you’re in the garden or halfway around the world, peace of mind is always at your fingertips.

Spotlight cameras, motion-activated HD security cameras with LED spotlights, siren alarm and two way talk.

Smart lighting systems installed aesthetically enhancing rooms and features simply controlled by personal smart device.

SME Services

A wireless local-area network (WLAN) connects devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the Internet wirelessly. We can create a secure wireless network for your business, benefits include: controlling traffic remotely, covering large areas, facilitating your business to run efficiently.

Wired network is a network created through a wired system around your business that will ensure higher speeds, better internet reliability, sustainable service. Perfect for connecting desktop computers, printers, alarm systems, POS, Credit Card machines.

Kable Kings - SME Services
Kable Kings - Smart Homes

Other Services

Kable Kings offer a range of other services including: