Job of the Month

Oct 2020: Home Network – Improving internet connection throughout the home.

Our featured client was having Wifi issues throughout their property. Weak Wifi, connectivity problems, zoom calls dropping, lagging, streaming services buffering.

The property has three home office stations as the family are working and studying from home. Also, in the evening time all family members are connected to the Wifi causing congestion on the network. For example; Streaming, online gaming. The whole household is relying on a steady broadband connection.

Following a telephone consultation, we understood that the home is wired with CAT5E cable which ran back to the junction box in the utility room. Although this is not an essential requirement to create a home network it was beneficial to this job.  All homes can be wired to create a home network. As standard, majority of modern homes are wired with CAT5E cables. Older properties the cables can be ran externally.

Data cables are labelled terminated and tested. Connected to an 8 Port gigabit switch, distributing high internet speeds to each room in the house. On completion of work each access point was tested and patch leads given to each point. Results shown that each point was receiving over 100mbps and all cables in the utility room where concealed and managed

By creating a home network, the client is eliminating buffering, lagging. Hardwired cables will secure high speed internet directly to laptops, Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Printers, CCTV cameras etc.

Wi-Fi networks can also be created through hardwiring access points throughout the property, transmitting Wi-Fi signal directly to personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, thermostat, cameras.

Mick and Dave from Kable Kings spent the afternoon with us last week to connect our Cat 5/6 cabling in every room in the house. They were fantastic!! So knowledgeable. They were so thorough, testing every connection. They made sure we had the leads to laptops for each room. They tidied the cables in each room and marked everything so we know what lead goes where. We could not recommend them highly enough! Thank you so much Kable Kings. I haven't had a dropped Zoom call since and the lads are beyond happy with the speeds for gaming. 

Y Murphy

Home network is ideal for clients who are working from home and relying on steady broadband. Strong internet connection ran straight to a home office, consoles for online gaming, or steaming entertainment to Smart TV and Laptops. Broadband ran down a cable can be 50 times faster than a Wi-Fi connection.