Job of the Month

March 2020: Networking and Wifi Enhancement

Sports Physio Ireland are a Dublin based company who provide bespoke online physiotherapy through virtual physio sessions. They contacted Kable Kings as they were having WIFI issues throughout their property. They operate out of a large Georgian building and naturally the buildings structure has some challenging attributes, thick walls, old cabling etc . SPI provide personal training sessions on the property, but their main market is their online portal that they consult, diagnose and train their clients. Therefore, WIFI performance is crucial to the operation of the business.

The main lower level of the property consists of reception area, two large workout areas and consultant rooms. Street level has four treatment rooms and the client also required WIFI in the outdoor area. Their broadband provider installed equipment in the reception area, evidently connection would not reach each room of the building.

Prior to our us creating a WIFI network for SPI they were using WIFI boosters, although this a convenient solution it is not sufficient for numerous devices the drawback to using this equipment is when multiple people connect to the booster it causes WIFI congestion, similar to a bottle neck effect.

We created a WIFI network using wired access points throughout the property. The points are strategically placed, visually sophisticated and discreet. We obtained fast sustainable WIFI across the premises, all verified by speed testing. Even the old safe room, the walls are a meter thick was wired onto the same WIFI network as the rest of the house.

We created an amazing WIFI experience so multiple phones, computers, tablets could stream make video calls and host online meetings, with no interruptions or buffering. Speed tests were carried out throughout the building and high speeds were found in every nook and cranny. The team have the tools to deliver exceptional one to one video calls and produce amazing online content, a flawless service.

In the current climate, [covid19] SPI clients have an advantage already connected to their personal trainer via the world wide web. Also, so many businesses and employees operating from home are having similar WIFI issues like Sports Physio Ireland i.e., WIFI is provided to their homes but not reaching all of those hard to reach secluded areas, usually the areas that are best to work in. we can improve your connection, resulting in numerous connected users.